me & the dog

I’m a southern California native working in technology with a bent towards data & database systems.  I love my family, value my friends, and respect my career.  I believe in integrity, trust, honor, love, loyalty, faith, and a solid day’s work.

This is my “professional” blog, meaning I’ll mostly write about topics that relate to my career, IT, database technology, & other minutia of the cube-ville type workplace.  I share my content via Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and make liberal use of StackExchange/StackOverflow.  Anything else, you’ll have to find me on Facebook, other Twitter, or IRL!  (Woah, when was the last time you saw that acronym?)

I enjoy writing.  I try to make my posts entertaining yet useful, practical yet narrative.  I welcome all feedback and constructive criticism.  If you ever find any inaccurate information, broken links, or any other technical problems, please don’t hesitate to notify me right away, and I will correct the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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